1. Backlinks? What are they??

Backlinks, which are called inbound links that links your web page or the entire website from other websites. These links are mostly important to search engines for ranking. Backlinks are most important factor in determining your blog ranks in custom keywords. So, Here different search engines have their own algorithms that measures how many numbers of backlinks a website or a web page has and rank those web pages with more backlinks in a higher position. Simply, the more backlinks a website or a blog has, the chance is getting higher to show the information in Search engines.

Before we start about this topic you must know one thing!

Quality Backlink is more important the Quantity

What is the value ?? Let me explain if you have only ” 1 ” Backlink from a quality site like High PR / High DA / High Alexa Rank; its much far better than having 100 links from low quality sites like low PR/DA/AR. You can check your Domain Authority and Page Authority here by The Help of OpenSiteExplorer


For me a quality backlinks is defined as a backlink that comes from a website or blog which is related to your niche(subject) and also contain High PR, DA & AR.


Now consider this blog techsabat.com recives a backlinks from a niche related to blogging, SEo, WordPress etc with high PR and DA, then it called a high-quality Backlink rather than I got a backlink from marketing/Product Selling niche then it’s called a low quality backlink.

Remember that Google always gives high Importance to the blogs/website which has Strong and high-quality backlinks from High PR/DA sites & also consider .edu &.gov sites also.

1 .edu/.gov backlink = 100 .com backlinks

But it’s very hard to find out these types of websites and very hard to accept you comment.

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-hand-right”] Types of Backlinks:

Now there are two types of backlinks like one is “do-follow” & second one is “No-follow”.

  • Do-Follow:

Dofollow means follow them. In simple words Do-follow backlinks are those backlinks which are followed by the search engines like Google, blog or Yahoo for crawlers during they crawl your or any blog. Like when you post a content and add some dofollow links then after some minutes the search engines crawls came to your site and crawl everything like your post, images and your links; if they found some do-follow links then they follow them or land on the do-follow link site which was held no only index this site faster but also get traffic and help to increase the Domain Authority, Page Authority and PageRank.

1 Do-follow link is equal to 100 No-follow backlinks.

Do-follow links allow to all search engines to follow the particular site. It’s a part of On-Page SEO. Not only Search engine bots follow you, Visitors also able to visit your blog which means a lot of Traffic you get. In WordPress or blogger platform the links generally Do-follow.

>Example of Dofollow Links:

  • No-follow Backlinks:

It means don’t follow them. In simply Nofollow backlinks are those which contains a “nofollow” tag between the link. When search engines enter your blog and crawl them if they found some no-follow links they just ignore them. If you saw some links contain in a blog than they just Nofollow links.

It doesn’t mean they Visitors visit your blog; like dofollow links nofollow links also have advantage to drive a good traffic to your blog. It not directly help to increase your visibility or increase in DA, PR but indirectly may help to become your blog popular. This special types of attributes started in 2005 by Matt cutts & Jason shellen.

>Example of No-follow links:
<a href=”http://www.YOURBLOG.com/” rel=”nofollow”>YOURBLOG</a>

  1. Why Should you build Backlinks?

This is the most silly question but most useful one. What the need of build backlinks? The answer is simple to eligible to stay in Blogging atmosphere. Build backlinks not only make your blog popular; its gain the traffic like
organic traffic from search engines, referral traffic when you comment other blogs and direct traffic if your blog is keyword rich and easy to remember.

  1. How Backlinks Helps Us?
  • SEO: 

The main and first reason that backlinks helps in SEO. In a recent study means after Google rolling out Panda and Penguin update the main reason that google set a page in top of the Search engine according to the Quality and Unique backlinks. Here we find a best guide that describe how Google set a page top of the table.

  • Trust:

Trust is more important than it shows. If your blog have no trust then its no chance to stay in the Blogosphere. More trust means more traffic, means more people trust on your blog. It’s directly proposnal to your Backlinks. If you have quality backlinks which we was described above the post, the google and all search engines likes your blog and you will get top in a particular keyword.

  • Money: 

Build Backlinks is indirectly proposnal to making money. But How? When you build so many quality and strong backlinks then it’s automatically improve your Domain, Page authority as well as your Alexa and PageRank also. If it increase that means your blog is getting daily huge traffic. So, you can apply Buy&SellAds or attract Direct Advertisers to Advertise to your blog.

  1. How to Build Useful Backlinks that help Me?

Here we learn some Basic Golden Rules that Build Quality Backlinks that really matter to Grow your blog.

Here is some:

  1. Blog Commenting
  2. Forum Posting
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Sponsors
  5. Social Network
  6. Contents

#1. Blog Commenting:

Blog Commenting means comment on a blog that you can find that blog content really helps you. We recommend to build Quality Backlinks then Quantity backlinks. In a study it found that Google recommend  those pages/blogs who have not only Quality backlinks but also they must be Unique.

  • Unique Backlinks:

Like you just comment in some blog name as “XAZ”. Then it count as one unique backlinks. If you comment more than one post in this blog then it’s also count as a backlink but not Unique. If you comment on another blog name as “XZZ” then it’s also count as one unique backlinks but if you comment more than one post then it’s also count as a Backlink but not a unique


  • Quality Backlinks:

Let us consider your niche is Health. Now consider you comment on your niche (subject) blogs. Then its consider as strong and quality Backlinks.But if you comment in other niches that don’t link your niche anymore like Automobile or Politics then no doubt that your blog gets a backlink but the backlink is a week.

So, if you want to comment then comment the niche that matters.

#2. Guest Blogging:

This is the most simple method to get your blog popular and Trust worthy. But it’s very hard also. If you want to some one accept your Guest blogging proposal then you most follow these rules like:

  1. Make your blog clean and beautiful: Because when you try to contact any blogger to accept your proposal to Guest blogging then he must visit your blog. If your blog is Clean & beautiful then it like to get approval soon.
  2. Make your content High Quality and Read worth :Because with out this no one accept your proposal.
  3. Basic Ranking :Basic Domain Authority, Page authority & Pagerank: Make sure that your blog have enough Domain authority and Page authority that measures by MOZ. having Domain Authority at least 20 and Page Authority at least 30. And Page rank must be 2 or upper..
  4. Alexa Rank: Personally i don’t know about Alexa rank but some high quality bloggers who have a better Alexa rank (means less than 20k) they just need your blog have a better Alexa rank.
  5. Research high on the post :Yes, research. When to try to post a content to other blog as a guest then you must research the content what to write about, so that you can learn some new stuff and it don’t heart the Blog also.

You can get Two Do-follow Backlinks by Guest Blogging

#3. Forum Posting:

This is the very fast but not secure way to get Backlinks. Participating in different types of Forum help you blog to build Backlinks, Traffic and trust worthy. This is the place where you get a lots of establish audience, simply unique visitors.Just type “Your niche” forum on google and you will find hundred of forums like type “SEO” forum and search in Google.

You can also try Yahoo Answer to do that. There are a lots of Question and answer discus everyday. so search your desire question which your content can able to Answer & put your link there. But remember don’t SPAM there.

#4. Sponsor:

It just quite similar to Promotion. Like its done by different type of crafting or creating WordPress themes and put your blog link in the last of the page. You can create or giveaway WP plugins with add your blog link etc also help you to build backlinks.

Example: Just like StudioPress do in their themes/frameworks. Put a link in the last of the page/framework and get a backlink. But this method can harmful to you and your blog in some cases.

#5. Social Media:

Its a master idea to creat backlinks. Posting your different types of Content according to your Facebook readers and pot there like your fan page, different types of Group and posting in different group in Google+ also helps you to boosts your Ranking as well as backlinks. Not only Facebook and Google+; Twitter and Pinterest also help to drive and collect huge traffic and backlinks.

Don’t forget about Rising Social Networking site like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, STumbleUpon, they are the rising Social media site with High Ranking to get a secure and Strong Backlink.

#6.  Content:

I think we know about this, no need to describe .. So, If you don’t write and post High Quality content according to your readers then all above methods are just useless.

Content is always A KING

There is no doubt that High quality post is the Main factor of build backlinks. Like Example: Copyblogger media drives a Unique and Strong Backlinks just by sharing their Post. Neil Patel from Quicksprout drive about 2-3k backlinks just by add one Infographic in his blog.

Now Target to build less Backlinks those are string and Unique then build huge week backlinks.

Do you like the post or Anything is missing..??? If there anything missing then comment in below comment box & if you like it then don’t forget to share..